The Nostalgia of Thames (Part 2)

'The Nostalgia of Thames' is a prose-poem included in the Pollen Street - Jellicoe Crescent to Mary Street (west side) photography collection by Barry Murch.

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And we’ll sit upon those chair like stools and still not touch the floor – the stools beside the counter of the drapers – Courts, Arbury’s and Hetherington’s – and Renshaws – and we’ll meet up with those characters that made our town somehow – There was Nellie, Aggie, Georgie and Barbara, also Herbie and there was Tom and Dinny with Pikaus and Constable Cook – big and tall pounding on his beat – and dear old Percy – Old Father Christmas us kids would follow up the street.

We farewelled the troops going off to War while the train hisses at the station and we’ll cram into the ‘Victory Tent’ to hear the Lawson’s Revelations and we’ll add to the long ‘copper trail’ that snakes around the town for the ‘Victory Queen’ and the ‘Liberty Queen’ raising pennys, shillings and pounds.

And now its time for family and for friends… a time to remember the people and the places that helped shape our town – our town of Thames.


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