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Housing New Zealand.
Photograph Taken: 2003 Occupant: Housing New Zealand - Thames Previous Occupants: Dalgety Travel, Focus Travel, Vic Rowe - Accountant
Linn Motors.
Photograph Taken: 2003 For a current view of this site click here. Occupant: Linn Motors Previous Occupant: Peninsula Motors
Halsbury Chambers.
Photograph Taken: 2003 Current Occupant: Business One Ltd. Chatered Accountants Previous Occupants: Blake Cox & Park, Vollamaere Tonkin & Dodd - Barristers and Solicitors
Thames Chiropractic Clinic.
Photograph Taken: 2003 Occupant: Dr Sharon Sjeie - Thames Chiropractic Centre Ltd, Purnall Jensen & Jenkison - Barristers and Solicitors, Thames Finance Co.
Rowe Williams Chartered Accountants.
Photograph Taken: 2003 Occupant: Rowe Williams Chartered Accountants