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Yard - Stu Frisken Auto Electrical.
Image Taken: 2003 Occupier: Stu Frisken Auto Electrical. Former Occupant: Brooke's House
Image taken: 2003 Former Site Occupants: Valley Power, Thames Valley Power Board, Keevan's Veg Shop & Private House
Bird's Liquorsave.
Image Taken: 2003 Former Occupants of Site Include: Super Liquor, Dalgety Wine & Spirits - Liquorland, Novus Windscreen Repair, Corfu Jeans Factory, Lawrie Hall Garage & Service Station, D.M.L Wallace
Empty Lot.
Image Taken: 2003 Former Occupant: 2 State Houses, removed and resited.
Repco (ca. 2003.
Occupant: Repco Former Occupant: State House