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Efford Automotive Repairs.
Photograph Taken: 2003 Building Demolished 15-03-2008 Occupant: Efford Automotive Repairs Previous Occupants: Stan Pearce Panelbeater & Rentals, Harry Rice 2nd Hand - Auctioneer - Real Estate, Keith Tonks Motors
John Davy Tyres.
Image Taken: 2003 Occupant: John Davy Tyres Former Occupants: Brian Hathaway Suspension & Brakes, Mel Murphy Kitset Furniture
Yard - Stu Frisken Auto Electrical.
Image Taken: 2003 Occupier: Stu Frisken Auto Electrical. Former Occupant: Brooke's House
Keith Godwin Panelbeater.
Occupant: Keith Godwin Panelbeater and Wallace EngineTec. Former Occupants: Bill Basket Canvas Repairs Brian Hathaway Grey & Menzies - Thames Aerated Waters
Wiseman's Auto Workshop.
Occupant: Wiseman's Auto Workshop Previous Occupants: B.P. Service Station Garage / Auto Repairs - Jim Parker Carrier - Trevor Brown Carrier - Parker Wilson Engineer - Noah Jonnasen