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A guide to editing records in Kete and how to report inaccurate or offensive material.


Topics and items can be edited by registered users. This means additional information from a variety of sources can be used, or errors corrected. 

To edit a topic or item click on the Edit tab at the top of the screen.

Either add your information or make the corrections needed, and then click on the Save button at the end of the screen.

The name of the last editor is displayed alongside the creator of the topic.

Use the History tab to view previous versions of the item or topic.

If you can't see the Edit tab you will not be able to correct or add to a particular topic or item. Use the Flag tool or the Discuss tab to report the content that needs correction.


If you cannot edit an item, or there is material on Kete that you think should be removed, use the Flag tool.
Report an item or topic if you believe a topic or item is:  inaccurate, a duplicate, inappropriate, was entered by mistake, or has typos

You will be able to send a message to the administrator containing your correction or suggestion.


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