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Some of the terms used on Kete

Basket - a place on Kete for grouping material on a theme or subject. To add or edit material in a basket you need to be added as a basket member by the site or basket administrator.

Creative Commons license - see Licenses explanation

Extended fields - some topic or item templates have a set of fields sitting below the main description field. Filling these in helps gather information about the topic or item. The filled in fields display in a sidebar when published.

Flag - a way to report errors or material that might need to be removed.

Locked basket - areas within Kete for material that requires some protection. While locked baskets can be searched by anyone, the contents can only be edited by the basket owner and nominated members. In most cases you will still be able to comment if you are a general member of Kete, although you will not be able to edit topics.
Locked baskets are fully searchable with a general Kete search, and searches can be limited to a specific basket
If you are interested in joining a Locked basket please contact the Site Administrator using the contact link on the homepage.

Moderated basket - a basket where your contribution needs to be approved by a moderator before it is published.

Related items box - the box below a published topic where you can link to other topics and items.

Tags - keywords added to a topic or item in the tag field. You can search for other items in Kete by clicking on a tag. Any variations of useful search terms can be added as a tag.

Text editor or formatting toolbar - the bar in the description field which allows you to format your text, add tables, and add images and links into the description.

Topic - topics are a way of gathering items together into subject clusters of related material.
A topic is like an encyclopedia article; it can be anything from a few sentences to a few pages long. Topics can be edited by any number of people, and can be linked out to other topics and the different types of material added to Kete.

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