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Hauraki Herald reporter Gillian O’Neill meet the mother of what is believed to be the first set of triplets born in the Hauraki district for about 30 years. Her story appeared in the Hauraki Herald on 14 June 2011.


There’s no missing Paeroa mum Rose Spinks when she takes her children for a stroll – as long as you can see her behind her massive quad buggy. ‘‘Everyone sees me coming. I have a fairly large blind spot but it’s great,’’ she laughed when the Hauraki Herald visited her at home.

The reason for the huge contraption is Rose and fiancee Stephen Walmsley are the proud parents of four gorgeous daughters, who were all born in the space of 14 months. That includes triplets Jorja, Ruby and Mackenzie. The family say they don’t know of any other set of triplets being born in the Hauraki district for about 30 years. ‘‘We wanted to have two children and to have them close together. We already had Bella and then I got pregnant almost straight away,’’ Rose said.

‘‘At my first dating scan we were told it was twins. At 12 weeks I had another scan in Waikato Hospital and the girl said ‘you know you are having more than one’.’’ Rose then recalled how the young student nurse went to get someone more senior to check before they were given the incredible news – ‘‘there’s a third one’’. ‘‘We were in complete shock. I don’t think the reality actually hit until the day of the caesarean and we saw the three little tables lined up waiting for the babies,’’ Rose said.

‘‘It was an anxious time. Being a multiple pregnancy it’s always high risk. They are preparing you for what might happen if they are premature and all the other complications that can arise. I was eating lots of protein – baby building food – but I was very sick for quite a lot of the time.’’ In the end, Rose carried her babies all the way to 36 weeks when Ruby, Mackenzie and Jorja made their entrance weighing 2.4kg (5lb 5oz), 2.5kg (5lb 8oz) and 2.7kg (6lb) respectively. ‘‘There wasn’t a thing wrong with any of them, they were with me on the ward straight away, it was amazing,’’ Rose said.

In terms of adjusting to life with three babies and a toddler Rose said good planning and a routine were essential. ‘‘We worked on getting them into a three-hourly routine straight away. The hard thing in the beginning was gaining confidence to manage three babies on my own. ‘‘At first I’d be on my own with them for maybe a hour, then as I gained more confidence and learned more tricks I’d do two hours, then three hours. Now I can do a day on my own with all four children . . . it’s hectic but I can do it,’’ she said.

As parents of triplets, Rose and Stephen receive support from Work and Income New Zealand. This has allowed them to employ a part-time nanny who helps Rose in the mornings. Former karatane nurse Jean O’Brien has been on board since March and is loving her new job. ‘‘They are beautiful children. Ruby has this stare as if she’s sussing you out, she likes attention. Mackenzie is real giggly and Jorja is the most placid,’’ Jean said.

Big sister Bella is very fond of the new arrivals and at 18 months signals just how busy the house will be once her sisters are on the move too. ‘‘She’s just discovered climbing, she’s up on everything. I have to put the chairs up on the bench or else she’ll use them to climb up on to it,’’ Rose said. At 12 weeks, it will be a while before the triplets are running around but Rose is already looking forward to many milestones ahead.

‘‘It will be interesting to see them grow and develop, what similarities they have and what differences. People often think it must be hard having more than one baby but we don’t think that way at all, we just feel so lucky to have them.’’


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Triple the fun for Rose and Stephen

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