48 Sealey St Thames

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48 Sealey St Thames.


Picture shows the house my family and I lived in from 1952 until 1959. After we moved out it remained unused for some time then when a church from down in Mackay St was moved onto the section next door, our little house became an annex to that, storing some of the Thames museum overflow I believe. then i think it was used for youth dances. The church was eventually moved again, I'm not sure where to, possibly outside Thames.

In the late 80's I witnessed the bulldozing down of our house. (see my other picture). The church was on the corner of Mackay and Sealey, our house being right next door in Sealey St and right across the road from the High school.

I am not sure if the numbering of houses is the same as it was.


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48 Sealey St Thames

Photographer:Larry Killip